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Accredited Industry New Entrant Training

Holding a liquor licence in Victoria is a privilege, not a right and selling alcohol comes with very real and serious obligations. New entrant training is one way licensees can gain an in depth understanding of their obligations under Victoria’s liquor licensing laws.

On Tap Liquor Consulting offers an accredited industry course which satisfies this training requirement in partnership with Robust Investments Pty Ltd (T/A Liquor Consultancy Services - RTO 2178). We hold regular training sessions in both Ballarat and Geelong and are also able to provide on-site training sessions for small groups or individuals at a place and time that suits you.

What is New Entrant Training?

New entrant training is a training course developed by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Liquor Regulation (VCGLR), in conjunction with authorised training providers, to ensure that liquor licence applicants have an adequate knowledge of Victorian liquor law. This includes:

  • Liquor licensing legislation
  • Understanding liquor licence obligations
  • Best practice in managing licensed premises.
Section 44 (2)(iii) of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (the Act) provides that the VCGLR may refuse to grant a liquor licence application if the applicant does not have an adequate understanding of the Act.

Accredited Industry Training: RSA & New Entrant

On Tap Liquor Consulting, in partnership with Robust Investments Pty Ltd (T/A Liquor Consultancy Services - RTO 21718), delivers VCGLR accredited industry training across Victoria, inclusive of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and the required New Entrant Training.


On Tap Liquor Consulting, in partnership with Robust Investments Pty Ltd (T/A Liquor Consultancy Services - RTO 21718), delivers an accredited New Entrant Training course for those wishing to enter the Victorian liquor industry.



4 hours (approximate course delivery time – Plus pre-course readings).


An understanding of spoken and written English is expected for successful completion of this course.


You will learn the skills and knowledge required to own and operate a licensed venue.

On successful completion of the course you will receive a Statement of Attainment.


Please bring along a pen and some form of photo ID (such as a drivers licence or passport).

No ID = No Certificate


Neat Casual.


The course content includes:

  1. Purpose of Victoria’s liquor laws
  2. Role of the regulatory authorities
  3. Understanding / interpreting liquor licence requirements
  4. Common offences
  5. Managing best practice
  6. Licensee forums and accords
Our industry New Entrant Training, known as Achieve Liquor Licensing Knowledge, is a compulsory training course for licensees and nominees opening new operations or transferring existing licenses within Victoria, Australia. Most new liquor licence applicants are required to complete this New Entrant Training. Liquor Licence applicants who have not completed an accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol course may also be required to undertake the RSA training. The aim of the New Entrant Training is to provide an overview of Victorian liquor licensing laws and associated issues. This will enable licensees to comply with their legal obligations and contribute to minimising alcohol-related harm in the community.

The Victorian Commission for Gambling & Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) requires that new Licensees and Nominees MUST complete New Entrant Training, which includes our course, before being granted a liquor licence.

The NOMINAL delivery hours for this course is 7 hours which includes some reading time. We have listed times in our training calendar that we believe to closer represent the real hours that participants will be in the classroom. With this said, it is expected that reading is undertaken by each participant prior to attending the session.

What must you do?

Applicants who wish to obtain a new licence, transfer a licence or become a nominee on a licence are required to complete one of the approved training courses, such as our ‘Achieve Liquor Licensing Knowledge’ course.

Which licence applications require evidence of new entrant training?

Applications for the following licenses require evidence that the applicant has completed new entrant training:

  • General
  • On-premises
  • Packaged liquor
  • Late night (general, on-premises and packaged liquor)
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • Full club
  • Restricted club
  • Wine and beer producer’s
  • Renewable limited
  • Transfer of an existing licence or permit.

Who Must Complete New Entrant Training?

The list below identifies who will need to complete new entrant training. If applying as:

  • Individuals – all natural persons
  • Partnerships – all partners
  • Company (body corporate) – at least one director
  • Club – at least one committee member
  • Association – at least one committee member.
In addition:

  • All persons being appointed as a liquor licence nominee must complete new entrant training.
  • All applicants seeking approval to sublet any part of the licensed premises, or to carry on the business of supplying liquor on the licensed premises, must complete new entrant training.

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Student Information

Student Information; About our Training

Students wanting additional information about our training should read the student handbook.

Please note that the VCGLR instructs that students arriving late ARE NOT TO BE PERMITTED ENTRY into the course, so please allow sufficient travel time.  You should aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the class to complete enrolment requirements. If you arrive late and the trainer refuses you entry, please don’t blame the trainer, it is a VCGLR requirement. In relation to Webinars, students must be logged into the course on time.

Students please note our policy in relation to lateness, non-attendance, or technical issues with Webinars.

Our refund policy is:

  • Cancellation by On Tap Liquor Consulting – full refund or reschedule without charge
  • Non attendance (including Webinars) / cancellation without 24 (business) hours notification, or late attendance where admittance is refused as per above – No refund
  • Non completion due to technical/internet issues (webinar) free re-schedule - once, but no refund
  • Cancellation more than 24 (business) hours – refund less $30 administration charge per booking
  • Re-scheduling more than 48 (business) hours notification – no charge
  • Re-scheduling less than 48 (business) hours notification - $20 administration charge per booking